Industrial group Geyser

Industrial Group "Geyser" — Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

The industrial group "Geyser" is engaged in production of contactless switches and sensors of position. On the way, IG Geyser delivers to the market of Ukraine sensors and devices for automation of productions processes in metallurgical, machine-building, mining, food and other industries, facilities of automation for to automatic control systems of production, instrumentations, machine tools with numerical program management.


JSC "Sensor" is specialized on development, making and realization of contactless inductive, capacities and optical switches, contactless sensors of position with an analog output, sensors of the control of speed, etc. JSC "Sensor" is specialized in the narrow sector of industrial electronics. Sensors are able to replace Sensor the imported wares.


Pepperl-Fuchs. The Factory Automation Division is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial inductive, photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors. Complementing this line of mostly binary sensors, we also offer complex sensors, identification and communication systems. Everything flows - in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Petrochemical Industries. The information flow depends on our green interface modules, in more than 4000 varieties. Our Level Control insures that nothing overflows.


Leuze. The group of companies LEUZE was founded in 1963 in Germany and consists of two operating departments LEUZE ELECTRONIC and LEUZE LUMIFLEX. Leuze Lumiflex offers a complete range of optoelectronic protective equipment, safety sequential circuits and warning units. Development, production and distribution of optoelectronic sensors, barcode and RFID identification systems, optoelectronic data transmission and machine vision systems.

NPP "Ural metallurgavtomatica"

"Uralmetallurgavtomatica" was founded in 1995 has a rich semi-centennial experience in design, manufacturing and delivery of means and systems of industrial automation. The research-and-production enterprise "Uralmetallurgavtomatica " carries out a full cycle on design, manufacture, adjustment and introduction of automation in rolling, trumpet, foundry, fire-resistant and mining industries. The wide nomenclature of photo-electric and electromagnetic sensor, indicators of position, systems of the automatic control over hire or a measured cut of metal rolling are designed for heavy conditions of operation.

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